Student Assessment

We conduct training sessions for admission team and evaluate each and every student and zero-in on the uniqueness of students needs and goals depending on the information provided by the student on the enquiry form. This helps us in selecting the best course and institution for that student.

Information on various course Options available

At All Nine Oveseas Education, we understand each of our student’s requirements and accordingly provide detailed information on different course options and other essential factors related to it such as eligibility criteria to enrol in that course, length of the course, fee structure, placements associated with it, recognitions and other such related factors.

Selection of Institution

We prove as a network for students for selecting the most suitable institution across the globe that meets their education as well as financial needs. We also do offer number of campus options in front of these students and help them to finalize on a particular campus as per their individual requirement.

Documentation and Application

Every institution and its course have its own separate documents and application requirement as per the eligibility criteria and in case if any of the single document is missing in the Application package, then a student might face problem with the admission process. We have immense experience to ensure that each student is provided proper guidance in preparing the right application set as per the requirements of an institution.


We constantly take follow-up with the institution to enquire about the admission status of students and ensure that students get their offer letter on time.

Visa Documentation and Preparation

After the student receives offer letter and the institute confirms student’s admission, an application has to be made. We provide guidance to student in getting all the essential documentation required for this process, get the relevant documents attested, file them in a sequential manner and send them to the Consulate on stipulated time for approval. Besides this, we also prepare students for visa interview in a very detailed manner.

Assistance to Get Bank Loan

We understand the significance of education loan and provide services to get on-time and full loan amount from bank. All Nine Oveseas Education has established strong links with several banks that provide education loan up to INR 15 Lakhs in order to meet student’s expenses of studying and staying in abroad during the course.

Group Travel

We carry out preparations to make a student travel in group as it helps both students and parents to not get worried about of being isolated during abroad travel. Besides this, it also helps students to get tickets at much reasonable rates as they travel in a group.

Pre Departure Briefing

It is not an easy task at all to go abroad and study, especially if you are unaware of the place where you are going to study. We conduct interactive sessions of Pre Departure briefing to ensure that every student understands both challenges and opportunities about the place, they are going to study. These sessions help them to be mentally prepared to face any of the forthcoming challenges such as opening a bank account, etc.